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RE: Repeater Update - Get over it!

by some reckoning you have to see that the gadget lover's narcicism demands
the gadget be seen as a highly desired extension of the self.  To have
someone deny this longing and ultimately deny one's wholeness is sometimes
understandably taken as an insult.  These things are very personal.  But
given that this is a public list, to a fair degree, it is parhaps not the
place for personal grievances.

just a suggestion

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Like some on this list I saw a demo of Repeater at NAMM, and despite
the glitches and production delays I was impressed and determined to
buy one as soon as it came available.  I subscribed to this list
during NAMM because a friend told me there was a group buy in the

After a couple days' messages, which consisted mostly of whining, I
was inclined to unsubscribe. Instead of that, I ignored the carrying
on and have been rewarded by some fairly decent discussion.

However, you chillun' are at it again! Would you please just bite
your tongues and stop blubbering?  Electrix is a good company and the
Repeater will no doubt be a fine product when it arrives.

However, some of you will still be a bunch of babies.

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