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Our new Real Audio and mp3 uploaded.

Hi Loopers,

Our last live gig, "loops" Real Audio and mp3 has uploaded.
Live recorded at BIG APPLE,Kobe 6th Mar 2001.
with Kazuhisa Uchihashi,Takashi Kojima,Yoshihiro Kawasaki,Masafumi Ezaki.

Our next Loopy live gig, Looper's Delight J is 11th May 2001 at Kobe,Japan.
We are inviting suggestions for materials/textures for this live gig by mp3 file.
Please see below. (it FWD from Eighth Nerve,Symbolicsound.)

eighth nerve || News from Kyma Users ||2001.19.03
archive: http://www.symbolicsound.com/eighth-news.html

Delightful Loops In the the Cave
Sunao Inami (http://www.cavestudio.com) invites Kyma users to contribute materials and textures as MP3s for a world wide webcast scheduled for the 11th of May 2001.
For more info, visit the "Looper's Delight J" info page http://www.cavestudio.com/LD_J/2001/ Looper's Delight J will use live streaming by Real System for the world wide live gig. You can listen to contributed loops or mix loops contributed by Japanese loop artists.
They are accepting uploaded loops via FTP.
Please connect to : http://www.cavestudio.co.uk.
LOGIN=looper, PASSWORD=heaven.
The deadline is 30th April 2001!



Sunao Inami