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Re: new moog machine (was) Repeater Update

I'm sure Mr. Pulver will have more accurate and up to date info on this...

Bob is working on a new performance synth, believe it or not.

My question is:  Do they have a name for it yet?  They were passing 
around contest entry forms at the January NAMM show.  You entered by 
coming up with a name for Bob's new toy, and if the name was chosen, 
you win the synth!  I haven't even had a chance to fill out the 
form...did they do the contest yet?

any news, Mark?  you seem to be the default inside scoop on all 
things moog.  :)

Seems like bob is in for tough competition with the new alesis 
synth...that's a pretty mean looking beast.  i've had a chance to 
mess about with it for just a little while, and i was beating myself 
up about my lack of understanding of analog signal flow...seems like 
a very cool board once you could really dig into it.



>Mark Pulver wrote:
>>  The Waldorf Q was release a year past it's announce date, the Alesis
>>  Andromeda was back and forth for 3 years, Bob Moog's new machine will 
>be 18
>>  months past the hopeful date.
>re. bob's new machine...ooh. what is this?
>lance g.