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Re: good feedback vs. bad feedback, or the revenge of the 10 dollar microphone.

Far out!  Um, just off the cuff:


1) run mic into mixer with at least two stereo outputs (four
mono, whatever)
2) run mixer output into TWO different pairs of speakers (4
total or hell as many speakers as you want)
3) place speaker pairs distinctly apart from each other, or just
f**k around and place em wherever you want
4) wad yer ears but GOOD, wrap a blanket around your head, etc
5) put on some comfy slippers, grab that mic and do the
distributed speaker feedback shuffle, dance around the room,
wave your hands in the air, basically just play with mic
proximity relative to the speakers and wait for someone to call
the cops (and then sample the sirens as they come up the street
of course - if you can also sample the neighbor shouting at you,
that's good too)
6) if you can eq each of the speaker outputs separately,
definitely do that

- use a pitch shifter or harmonizer?  obviously this could be
dangerous and/or ineffective, depending on how you patch the
signal chain (use limiters here?)

- Ooo, and my favorite, use triggered gates to chop up the
feedback signal (or use the mic clicking noises, ungated or
not), delay the wet signal from that, and loop it in realtime.
Woohoo!  Glad you're not MY nextdoor neighbor ;-)

- if you can somehow control (i.e. sweep pedal or switch) or
automate panning to the different speakers, you might get
interesting variations from that as well

BTW, you're a twisted mf, can't wait to hear what you come up
with ...



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Subject: good feedback vs. bad feedback, or the revenge of the
10 dollar microphone.

> has anybody here ever tried to record a record using nothing
but microphone
> noises and feedback. well i am attempting to do so and im
wondering if
> anyone has any sugestions. i like the cold organic tones of
feed back and
> the clicking sound made when the mic gets pluged in or
ajusted. i already
> have one track done its a 25min drone/click/pop/hiss/pulseing
epic its
> called [one] -thaniel ion lee