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Re: good feedback vs. bad feedback, or the revenge of the 10 dollar microphone.

I'd suggest 2 things :-

1    Place a compressor/limiter in the feedback chain. This will prevent
uncontrollable noises and help bring out more subtle sounds that would
otherwise be masked.

2    If you can put some sort of frequency filter, (graphic eq, tone 
etc) in the feedback pat this is great fun to mess about with.

3, (1 know !)    Use a looper to build structure and trap the interesting

I use Kyma in a similar configuration often with signal processing in
multiple feedback loop paths and I reckon this will keep me occupied for
many years to come : )

> has anybody here ever tried to record a record using nothing but
> noises and feedback. well i am attempting to do so and im wondering if
> anyone has any sugestions. i like the cold organic tones of feed back and
> the clicking sound made when the mic gets pluged in or ajusted. i already
> have one track done its a 25min drone/click/pop/hiss/pulseing epic its
> called [one] -thaniel ion lee