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Re: feedback part2 the microphone checker strikes back

Hey! this is really cool. I'm also way into environmental noises, and
often find
myself singing along (I do throat singing drones, so it's easy to
harmonize with
a bathroom fan or cetera). I once heard an experimental ensemble in SF
use a dot
matrix printer as part of the rhythm section. They had different files
to print out 
for each song.  I'm sure you've checked out Bjork's movie Dancing in the
Dark. For
me the best part was very early when I realized that all the machine
sounds inthe factory 
were going in rhythm. This was somewhat subtle and happened before they
came to the front of
the mix for one of the shmaltzy dance numbers. 


ps: have you tried going to the store with binaural stealth microphones 
    in your glasses and a minidisc recorder in your pocket, like a
    clandestine taper?

-thaniel ion lee writes:
>...  i
>think the sounds my fridge makes are pretty i like the low fluxuating
>humming sound it makes at night. i also like the sound of a empty office
>flouresent lights make a wonderfully strange hum. copy machines make
>dancable beats, so do old dot matrix printers, and people walking on hard
>wood floors. dont even get me started on the symphony of sound in the 
>out lanes at grochery stores [beep, beep, cart noises, beep, beep, credit
>card sweep, beep beep, coupon check pricee check, beep, recept, your total
>is beep] now thats what i call techno. -thaniel ion lee