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Re: feedback part2 the microphone checker strikes back

You make it sound so lonely! Seriously, there are lots of people out there 
who share your musical interests. You could probably fill a large city 
us. We're just spread out, that's all.

Check out these artists

N.U. Unruh - he's a former member of Einsturzende Neubauten. He just put 
a gold-colored CD this year of music made entirely from the sound of 
machines like dot matrix printers, phones, fax machines, and the like.

Steve Rodan - I just got a CD of his called "View". The idea of this was 
musically represent the view out the window of a certain art gallery. He 
placed microphones near the window on four different days, and drastically 
altered the results to create new music. Here's an interesting little 
- on some of the days, the recordings were made with the windows closed. 
Rodan even came up with the term "lowercase sound" to describe music 
involving many of the quieter elements you described. There is a 
email forum somewhere in Yahoo Groups.

Philip Jeck - I have a CD of his called "Vinyl Coda I-III". Basically he 
creates compositions using up to 150 turntables. He uses glue to make 
grooves, so the music is very loopy. It focuses as much on the clicks and 
pops of vinyl as the actual sound on the discs.

www.mp3.com/field_recordings - haha, I had to plug it here. I built this 
page for musicians creating entirely from field recordings and 
sounds. Anybody can contribute a piece - the rules are posted on the page. 
Sometime in the next week, I'll be building an mp3.com radio station for 
genre also.

That's all I can think of at this particular moment, while I'm at work. I 
can offer more upon request.

Matt Davignon

>From: "LEE, THANIEL I" <TLEE@IUSMail.IUS.Indiana.EDU>
>Reply-To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Subject: feedback part2 the microphone checker strikes back
>Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 12:58:28 -0500
>um, i like feed back, i also like the amplification of quiet sounds. last
>sunday keenan lawler let me hear a guy named pole, pole uses the sound of
>records popping and hissing. he amplifies them until they sound like
>percusion and/or melody, i thought it sounded pretty, but im a freak. a
>couple weeks ago i was trying to get a good recording of speaker hums. i
>think the sounds my fridge makes are pretty i like the low fluxuating
>humming sound it makes at night. i also like the sound of a empty office
>flouresent lights make a wonderfully strange hum. copy machines make
>dancable beats, so do old dot matrix printers, and people walking on hard
>wood floors. dont even get me started on the symphony of sound in the 
>out lanes at grochery stores [beep, beep, cart noises, beep, beep, credit
>card sweep, beep beep, coupon check pricee check, beep, recept, your total
>is beep] now thats what i call techno. -thaniel ion lee

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