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Re: Elektros Againinator

At 9:56 AM -0800 3/21/01, Jamie Drouin wrote:

>     I think that if you actually met the people involved in Electrix, 
>have a very different opinion.

I've dropped by the Electrix booth at several trade shows and have 
had in-depth discussions about functionality, interface design, etc. 
with several of the team. I got the clear impression of a small 
company whose people believe in their products.

It's important also to remember that Electrix is a brand of IVL 
Technologies Ltd., a company with a long history of design for such 
manufacturers as Digitech, Yamaha, and tc electronic.

I already own the three full-width processors and am very impressed 
by the thought given to their musical performance attributes. There 
are good, solid design ideas on many levels: user interface 
functions, visual "look" (from the units themselves right down to the 
boxes they come in), MIDI implementation. The chassis are rugged and 
are shaped to provide maximum panel space in a compact unit that can 
be rack mounted or can sit on a table top with a nice ergonomic tilt. 

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