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Re: feedback goood, earache baaaad


The Alesis weighs in at about $85 and is essentially the same as the
3630. It is permanently stereo linked, but most of us are using stereo
gear anyway. I use mine to make my tape delays play nice with others.
Feedback has a way of getting out of hand sometimes!

Be Well

Will Brake
Soul Fruit

insect politics wrote:
> I'll be in the position of finally getting some new equipment fairly 
> so this is something I was curious about already, and am now especially
> intrigued by. I've done shows before and the volume occasionally was a
> problem because of ACCIDENTAL feedback, so I'm sure trying to use 
> as the source itself is a major pain without some kind of device in the
> chain. What would you recommend as far as compressors and limiters in the
> say low hundreds range? In other words, what should I try to find used 
> around or under $200, since I assume that like most gear anything new is
> going to have a painful pricetag?
> Thanks!
> Jon
> > 1    Place a compressor/limiter in the feedback chain. This will 
> > uncontrollable noises and help bring out more subtle sounds that would
> > otherwise be masked.
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