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Re: good feedback vs. bad feedback, or the revenge of the 10 dollar m icrophone.

I had a go at something like this a few years ago, except it involved a 
guitar lying on top of the speakers, fed through a Zoom 9002 with the 
random filter effect (and more), and the resulting tape slowed down a few 
octaves. Later, I dumped it to PC and subjected it to some offensive noise 
reduction (aka music reduction?), and I have the result at 
http://www.mp3.com/stereoroid as track "0.2". Warning: it's 20 minutes 
long, and can induce some nasty mental states if listed to while 
"compromised" in any way...

Another track I did featured (?) me trying to play guitar, shifted down a 
few more octaves, and fed back out speakers into a cheap hand-held mike, 
the Zoom 9002's pitch-shifter (yes, down!), and back through again. 
Unlistenable even by my standards. The other tracks on my MP3.com site are 
nicer, though, some involving a continuous "answering machine" cassette 
looping in a 4-track system, and more digital "music reduction"

Brian Thomson, Dublin IE

(ceci n'est pas un .sig)

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