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Re: PMC10 Q's

Steve wrote:

> Finally, has anyone ever  experienced a problem with the Memory either
> becoming corrupted or from some strange reason completely full, and if so
> what can I do to prevent memory problems?

Funny you should mention this.
I just experienced this:  I wanted to save my data and couldn't!  At 30k,
the Data dump would not send--pressing enter would not send the data.  
Deleted some files and everything fine.  Guess I found the limit  :>}
The PMC stores all kinds of sysx so you could backup your synths to it or
something.  It's a little squirrelly but so flexible and thanks to Sean and
his Raymond software, easy as pie to program and implement.  Which brings 
to:  corruption.  Back this puppy up to the max, as it will crash at the
drop of a feather, leaving you with its default ROM settings.