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PMC10 Q's was Re: Your New Foot Controller Yamaha mfc-10

on 3/22/01 2:43 PM, Petr at petr@tryi.com wrote:

> option neither.  One thing which bothers me is the adaptor, and you
> cannot use phantom power.  It's silly.  I hate to have all the fragile
> adaptors and cables on stage.

Does anyone know if the PMC10 can be modified to use phantom power (for
example on pins 2 & 4?)?  If so, how?

Also, in my manual that came with the PMC10 that I purchased, the only 
actions that are available are "NORMAL, MOMENTARY, and TOGGLE".  However,
both in my PMC10 options and in the Raymond application, there is a pedal
action called "ENHANCED".  Does anyone know what it does?

Finally, has anyone ever  experienced a problem with the Memory either
becoming corrupted or from some strange reason completely full, and if so
what can I do to prevent memory problems?