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Re: PMC10 Q's

In the manual that I have (thanks to Miko!) the descriptions are on page 
3-2.  Enhanced:
1. pressing a pedal set to enhanced causes the pedal LED to light and MIDI 
String A to be sent.
2. if you press the same pedal again, the LED goes out and MIDI String B 
3. if an enhanced pedal LED is lit and another enhanced or normal pedal is 
pressed, MIDI String B of the lit pedal and MIDI String A of the new pedal 
will be sent together, lighting the new pedal's LED and turning off the 
4. every time the new pedal is pressed after the initial switch, it will 
act as a toggle between the last enhanced or normal pedal that was pressed 
and the new pedal.  in other words, the PMC10 will switch alternately 
between the two every time the new pedal is pressed.

the important difference between normal and enhanced modes is that a pedal 
set to enhanced can be used to switch back and forth between the currently 
selected patch and the previous patch, whereas normal mode does not 
remember the previously selected patch.

At 03:03 PM 3/22/2001, Steve wrote:
>Also, in my manual that came with the PMC10 that I purchased, the only 
>actions that are available are "NORMAL, MOMENTARY, and TOGGLE".  However,
>both in my PMC10 options and in the Raymond application, there is a pedal
>action called "ENHANCED".  Does anyone know what it does?