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Your New Foot Controller Yamaha mfc-10

Yamaha MFC-10 MIDI footcontroller

Yes, as far as I can read you can bulk dump your memory via midi, and
then back to it.  But, since programming is really easy, I think I
will just make a list of my programs and put it on paper -- the
process of manual reprogramming will be probably more convenient than
wiring the pedal to computer.

The display is quite satisfactory for me.  It would be nice if one
could assign names to the programs, but Roland does not have this
option neither.  One thing which bothers me is the adaptor, and you
cannot use phantom power.  It's silly.  I hate to have all the fragile
adaptors and cables on stage.

Essentially, there are two general memories (lists of banks) available
(function and program change), and you jump from one to another with
just one switch.  In the first one, you can send program changes, and
move through your banks of 10 presets.  In the other mode, similarly,
you have 100 "function" switches available, 10 in each bank.
Depending on if you are in program change mode or function mode, you
send messages from programmed switches.  You can also use "mix mode"
where you have switches 1-5 in program change mode, and 6-0 in
function mode.

In function mode each switch can be programmed for the following midi
types: note on/off; control change; program change; song select;
start; continue; stop; section control; tempo control.  If I
understand well the manual, you can assign 49 switches (in function
section) to send up to 4 types of midi data (note on/off; control
change; program change)
simultaneously, that is with one click.  In that way with one switch
you can start recording with EDP, send program change to your guitar
processor, start rewinding your 8 track, and change pitch in your
voice processor, for instance.  I have not used this function yet, but
this is my understanding of the manual.  I am really impressed with
this pedal.  It's so nice to see my EDP follow precisely any commands
sent from the mfc-10.

The price was okay, I paid 269 and free shipping from
http://www.zzounds.com.  I did not find any cheaper elsewhere.

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From: Gary Lehmann <relayonemanband@cts.com>
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2001 12:39 PM
Subject: My Foot Controller vs Your New Foot Controller

> I am reprogramming my PMC-10 (Digitech) and it sure is a touchy
thing!  The
> Mitigator is more bulletproof but I can't dump the patches back to
> would have to reprogram it by hand, and that would take quite a
while (I
> gotta lotta patches).
> It is possible to record patches thru the MIDI in on the Yamaha MFC
10?  I
> am curious as to what messages you are storing in your footswitch.
What all
> do you send with one foot press--note on, CC, prog change, what
else?  Also,
> it doesn't look like the display is very big.  Is that a problem?
> Gary
> PS--Looks like the price was right 8^?