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Re: Elektros Againinator

Mark Sottilaro wrote:

> Missing the point, you are.
> My point is, announce a ship date when you've got a finished product and
> it's just a matter of waiting for distribution.  I don't know about your
> job, but if I promise a client something by a certain date and I'm WAY
> off, I loose the business.  Frankly, I'd rather have them take a few
> features taken off to get the product out, and then distribute a free
> software update when it's ready.  We're not talking about a few days
> here, we're talking about 8 months.  Sure, shit happens, but last week
> we got emailed, "get ready for good news soon."  People need to pay
> attention to the world around them.
> I think we should bury this subject.
> Mark

i think there is a big difference between a paying client and a potential
customer...it's not as if anyone is losing money on repeater being slower
to market than projected (besides electrix, that is...)

it seems clear that the company has been interested in the list's views
(and interested in us as potential consumers of their products :-),
othewise they wouldn't have hung around for all our abuse, but i seriously
doubt your advise to them is of much use...

lance g.