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Re: Elektros Againinator

Missing the point, you are.

My point is, announce a ship date when you've got a finished product and
it's just a matter of waiting for distribution.  I don't know about your
job, but if I promise a client something by a certain date and I'm WAY
off, I loose the business.  Frankly, I'd rather have them take a few
features taken off to get the product out, and then distribute a free
software update when it's ready.  We're not talking about a few days
here, we're talking about 8 months.  Sure, shit happens, but last week
we got emailed, "get ready for good news soon."  People need to pay
attention to the world around them.

I think we should bury this subject.


Richard Zvonar wrote:

> At 1:36 PM -0800 3/21/01, Mike Biffle wrote:
> >I can't believe people are having diatribes over a company wanting
> >to give the best they can deliver. Impatience seems to have clouded
> >people's ability to reason here. I guess if ya wanna be mad...
> >you're gonna be.
> As a professional colleague (and former Loopers-Delight list
> subscriber) wrote to me, "There was just way too much unfocused
> energy going around." It might be better for some of the young turks
> to harness that energy to more constructive ends.
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