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Re: hello

Well, it depends of a couple of things... how much looping times to you

Well, maybe the Boomerang is for you.. It is not that expansive, offers 
looping times (couple of minutes), has a better sound quality (the new
upgraded one)..

There is also the Line 6 DL-4 which I don't like very much but that's my
point on that question... But it is decent and is quite inexpansive for all
the things you can do with it..

Look on the web site on "Tools of the trade" and read a lot.. :) You have a
bunch of informations there...

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Subject: hello

>   Hi there,
>   I am new to the list, but I've been wanting to get into looping for
> some time.  I am a solo acoustic guitarist/vocalist, and I really want to
> get a looping unit for my performances.  I have read over a great deal of
> the
> info on the website, and of course thinking about the Oberheim EDP makes
> drool, but I think it's out of my price range.  Are there looping units
> there that are less expensive but still do a decent job?  I'm hoping to 
> able to loop at least 2 or 3 guitar patterns on top of each other,
> more.  Any recommendations on units that I should look at?  What prices?
> Thanks a bunch.
>   Mike Feeney
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