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Re: Loopingdevices for sale...

If you want to obtain the amount of money you´re
asking you should try to sell them on Ebay, it´s the
only place where someone would pay (maybe) what you´re
asking for.

--- Graham Pattison <graham@pentlandcrown.com> wrote:
> I've got some equipment for sale thought I'd give
> you guys first option on
> it.
> Lexicon Jamman with 32 sec memory, footswitch and
> manual
> -    £400 ($600us)
> Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro with footswitch and
> full memory and manual  -
> £600 ($900us)
> (2 available)
> All items in great condition and have been well
> looked after and never used
> in a gig situation.
> I am based in the UK but will consider shipping to
> USA as I travel there a
> lot.
> Email me direct please, the group gets clogged up
> enough right?
> Graham Pattison. 

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