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Re: Boomerang Plus

if you want a rang heres a guy on harmony central needing to sell one
quick, not me I have no interest or knowledge of this guy or his gear

peace,  steve

Boomerang Phrase Sampler

Asking Price: US$350
Condition: Mint
Age: N/A

       Oh well...this is the last post before I go to ebay.

       This is a MINT conidition Boomerang 4 Mbyte phrase sampler. It
has no cosmetic or
       working problems. I also have the power supply and manual too.

       I need to sell this quick, so I am only asking $350obo. shipped
priority mail USPS, or
       UPS...either one doesn't matter to me. Sorry no COD, or Escrow
unless you intend to pay
       extra for the extra charge as well, sorry...Postal money orders

       This is a great deal for a mint rang' so if interested please
email me.


Seller: Chris Kubrick, 570.662.1064
E-mail: boseman717@hotmail.com (Profile)
Location: Mansfield, PA
Post Date: 3/26/2001