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Hey, I'm new to looping and this whole group, but I'm enjoying it so far!!  I'm a bass player looking to purchase my first looping tool shortly to use mainly for practice, fun and possibly something more in the future.  I was looking mainly at the Echoplex and Boomerang+ until I heard about the Repeater.  To me, the Repeater sounds pretty darn good (even if it doesn't TOTALLY live up to the hype) and at a fairly decent price.  I'm leaning towards that now just because of the versatility that it seems to offer.  They all look like tons of fun, but I don't want to buy something that will seem out of date as soon as I get it out of the box.  Quality and usability are more important to me than price.  Opinions from experienced loopers or people in the same position???

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...  Is the 24khz sample rate a big
improvement over the 16khz in the old Boomerang models?  Or is the sound
quality still not so great?

mike....i have never had a problem with the sound quality of the rang, i
always thought of it as a more "analogish" sort of sound.....yes the up-grade
sounds better, but you will have a choice of either sample rate with the rang