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RE: Echoplex/Boomerang/Repeater...

The Repeater does sound good, but if you want a 'looping tool shortly' , then you will need to look elsewhere as it's not shipping for another 3 months and the price is not definately confirmed yet. Personally, I can't wait for it to ship and then there can be some real objective discussion from users rather than this endless speculation.
It takes a long time to explore all the functions of these devices and experiment with what they can do so obsolescence is not so much of an issue. The Echoplex has been around for over 7 years and seems to be more popular than ever.
So what you really need is an Echoplex and a new Trace Elliot Bass stack; and I'm not just saying that because we make both :-)
Andy-Trace R&D
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From: Doug Johnston [mailto:DJohnston@once.com]
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Subject: Echoplex/Boomerang/Repeater...

Hey, I'm new to looping and this whole group, but I'm enjoying it so far!!  I'm a bass player looking to purchase my first looping tool shortly to use mainly for practice, fun and possibly something more in the future.  I was looking mainly at the Echoplex and Boomerang+ until I heard about the Repeater.  To me, the Repeater sounds pretty darn good (even if it doesn't TOTALLY live up to the hype) and at a fairly decent price.  I'm leaning towards that now just because of the versatility that it seems to offer.  They all look like tons of fun, but I don't want to buy something that will seem out of date as soon as I get it out of the box.  Quality and usability are more important to me than price.  Opinions from experienced loopers or people in the same position???

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In a message dated 3/26/01 11:35:09 AM Eastern Standard Time,
feeneymike@yahoo.com writes:

...  Is the 24khz sample rate a big
improvement over the 16khz in the old Boomerang models?  Or is the sound
quality still not so great?

mike....i have never had a problem with the sound quality of the rang, i
always thought of it as a more "analogish" sort of sound.....yes the up-grade
sounds better, but you will have a choice of either sample rate with the rang