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rc20/dl4 etc

>> I'm curious, what functionality of the rc-20 makes you think it is 
>> than the boomerang? (aside from the fact that it is not shipping and
>> therefore must be perfect. :-)    From the demo I saw at NAMM, I had a
>> tough time understanding why anybody would choose the boss over the
>> boomerang or the dl-4. what do you see about it that you like?
...the (according to Roland specs) 5 and a half minutes recording time and
the apparent ease of use for live gigs seem to me the two strong points of
the RC 20. However, it's all to be verified when some units will be
available - apparently it won't be in the UK before May, it's likely to be
available to you guys in the States first...
> I saw the RC-20 demoed at NAMM as well and I'd agree.  I'd rather have 
> DL-4 any day.  Even if the RC-20 were *cheaper*, rather than a tad bit 
> expensive.
> Now, if it were a $50 pedal, I might reconsider.
Because of sound quality? Because of usability?...


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