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RE: PMC10 Q's

Well... I often do it to switch distortions and back with a single button 
press... I also do it when I use a patch on a little used bank, then 
return to my main bank... then want the first patch back again. I set up 
switches everywhere to do cc value assignments. I have a Waldorf 4-pole 
bank with several buttons setup to control anywhere between 1 and 4 cc 
values. I also have a bank setup to handle controllers in my Korg AM8000r. 
So I go shopping for those cc buttons in my various banks... I frequently 
bounce between controller patches on two units... and use the expeds for 
each... then toggle again for more variation. I've got an EDP bank as well.


>>> sginn@airmail.net 03/23/01 03:04PM >>>
I wonder when you might need to switch back and forth between two
different patches?


> In the manual that I have (thanks to Miko!) the descriptions
> are on page
> 3-2.  Enhanced:
> 1. pressing a pedal set to enhanced causes the pedal LED to
> light and MIDI
> String A to be sent.
> 2. if you press the same pedal again, the LED goes out and
> MIDI String B is
> sent.
> 3. if an enhanced pedal LED is lit and another enhanced or
> normal pedal is
> pressed, MIDI String B of the lit pedal and MIDI String A of
> the new pedal
> will be sent together, lighting the new pedal's LED and
> turning off the other.
> 4. every time the new pedal is pressed after the initial
> switch, it will
> act as a toggle between the last enhanced or normal pedal
> that was pressed
> and the new pedal.  in other words, the PMC10 will switch alternately
> between the two every time the new pedal is pressed.
> the important difference between normal and enhanced modes is
> that a pedal
> set to enhanced can be used to switch back and forth between
> the currently
> selected patch and the previous patch, whereas normal mode does not
> remember the previously selected patch.
> At 03:03 PM 3/22/2001, Steve wrote:
> >Also, in my manual that came with the PMC10 that I
> purchased, the only pedal
> >actions that are available are "NORMAL, MOMENTARY, and
> TOGGLE".  However,
> >both in my PMC10 options and in the Raymond application,
> there is a pedal
> >action called "ENHANCED".  Does anyone know what it does?