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RE: Weird Question

Not quite what you were looking for, but something similar with vocals;
check out Sheila Chandra on the Realworld label...

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I was eating in a 'Hinduish" style restaurant recently.

They were playing a piece of music that was sort of a combination of Asian
and Middle Eastern in scale and instrumentation.  The melody flowed nicely
over the top of what was essentially a one chord loop with various
instruments playing the notes (and extended notes) of the chord.  Nice
melody on top.

I asked the manager who the group/artist was.  She didn't know.  The music
was on a tape made by a friend of the owner.

I know this a real long shot, but I wonder if anyone might have an idea of
a group or artist who plays this style of music?   Middle Eastern scales
with looping chordal background.  The piece was contemporary sounding.
Sort of like a B-Tribe from the Middle East.