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Mac Audio Multitrack + MP3 Streaming

Someone mentioned they had an iMac and wanted audio solutions....

One possibility for multitrack audio editing would be the program Bias 
(see http://www.bias-inc.com) - they also have an excellent two track 
called Peak.  Both are excellent apps and simply work.

Deck can handle MIDI playback but if you want a full-blown sequencer you
might look at both Cubase and Logic Audio.  They also have been around
for a while and work very well.

For MP3 encoding check out SoundJam MP by Casady and Greene (at
www.soundjam.com) for the fastest encoder I've seen anywhere, bar none.
Soundjam is optimized to work with the G4 velocity engine so if you have
a G4 it positively sizzles.

As far as MP3 streaming, both SoundJam and Apple Computer's iTunes
can utilize an Icecast server, but some folks just don't want to deal 
that kind of hassle.

But one of the coolest new apps I've found is Maliasoft's MP3 Streamer 
allows you to place a series of MP3 files in a directory and if you 
have a
broadband connection, simply stream out on your local net or the 

A very cool app.  He recently ported the application to the new OS X 

See www.maliasoft.com for info on that one.

Any more info needed?  Let me know.