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Re: Drum machine set up for looping rack

In regards to the "jist" of my first post on this subject, are there 
that would like to comment on crossfading drum machine outputs or even 
fading different drum machines.  Is this something that is done by many 

Side note:
I am very happy with my drum machine and do not want to get another one.
If I was unhappy with the sounds I would probably compliment it with a 
module to get best of sounds and keep the options I have now.

You indicate you use up to three drum machines.  How do you route the 
signals?  I am a guitarist and don't want to play a mixer at the same 
so a foot operated fader may work for me.  I could possibly see a 
set up to for left/right outputs of a Dmachine going into 2 channels of a 
mixer and using a second Dmachine (an old DIY sync one) going in 
into a third channel.  This would get around the start pointers and allow 
the second Dmachine to be independently started and stopped.

On thing I like about this is being able to add separate effects. Blending 
traditional Dsets with a set ran through a pitchshift program to get a 
industrial sound, is one option I like a lot.
Using the second Dmachine for hand drum 3/2,2/3 son parts would be cool.
IMHO  Bet none of the old units had any sounds for this style, though.

Tell me a little about your setup, if you would.
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