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Re: Drum machine set up for looping rack - brainstorm idea out of the blue

Oo!  Hey!  I got an interesting idea (i.e. cheap trick) from
yours!  It would be interesting to have a crossfade setup
between two different drum patterns, with one pattern at least
one beat longer or shorter than the other!  Weee!  Evolving

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Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2001 11:17 AM
Subject: Re: Drum machine set up for looping rack

> In regards to the "jist" of my first post on this subject, are
there others
> that would like to comment on crossfading drum machine outputs
or even cross
> fading different drum machines.  Is this something that is
done by many
> others??
> Side note:
> I am very happy with my drum machine and do not want to get
another one.
> If I was unhappy with the sounds I would probably compliment
it with a sound
> module to get best of sounds and keep the options I have now.
> Hans,
> You indicate you use up to three drum machines.  How do you
route the
> signals?  I am a guitarist and don't want to play a mixer at
the same time,
> so a foot operated fader may work for me.  I could possibly
see a crossfader
> set up to for left/right outputs of a Dmachine going into 2
channels of a
> mixer and using a second Dmachine (an old DIY sync one) going
in separately
> into a third channel.  This would get around the start
pointers and allow
> the second Dmachine to be independently started and stopped.
> On thing I like about this is being able to add separate
effects. Blending
> traditional Dsets with a set ran through a pitchshift program
to get a more
> industrial sound, is one option I like a lot.
> Using the second Dmachine for hand drum 3/2,2/3 son parts
would be cool.
> IMHO  Bet none of the old units had any sounds for this style,
> Tell me a little about your setup, if you would.
> Ciao
> Denis
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