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My guitarist is selling his TC Electronics  SUSTAIN+ PARAMETRIC

This highly pro stompbox was made in the late 80s and has been
discontinued for years. It has four knobs (sustain, gain, function,
center) which control levels and equalization. There is also a
noise-gate knob, and two switches, one for EQ setting and one for
distortion on/off. It can run on a 9VT battery (included) or and AC

This is parametric EQ, directbox, and compressor all in one and was made
by TC electronics in Europe who are widely considered the Holy Grail of
Stompbox manufacturers.

This particular unit is in *mint* condition with original box, foam
packaging,  and even the plastic bag it came wrapped in. Pedalman has
one of these listed for $350+. My partner is asking $250 OBO and wants a
quick painless sale so the OBO could work well here if you don't mess

I've uploaded  picture of the model at:

I'll be running the sale so I can accept Paypal from verified users and
will pack it well and ship UPS insured for free in the US.

Any sale must be confirmed via phone so email me your phone # and I'll
call you on my dime to speed things up.

Finally, I know this is an expensive price so please hold the sarcasm.
It easily sells for this in the current market and if he didn't need
that money he wouldn't be selling it in the first place. If you've ever
wanted one of these rare boxes you will not find one better even from a
Vintage Dealer for more money.