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me interested
i offer $200.
phone: 214-926-8182.
work phone: 214-570-9199

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From: "Legion" <Legion@voicenet.com>
To: "FX" <studio_fx@egroups.com>; "AH" <analogue@hyperreal.org>; 
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2001 12:09 PM

> My guitarist is selling his TC Electronics  SUSTAIN+ PARAMETRIC
> EQUALIZER pedal.
> This highly pro stompbox was made in the late 80s and has been
> discontinued for years. It has four knobs (sustain, gain, function,
> center) which control levels and equalization. There is also a
> noise-gate knob, and two switches, one for EQ setting and one for
> distortion on/off. It can run on a 9VT battery (included) or and AC
> adapter.
> This is parametric EQ, directbox, and compressor all in one and was made
> by TC electronics in Europe who are widely considered the Holy Grail of
> Stompbox manufacturers.
> This particular unit is in *mint* condition with original box, foam
> packaging,  and even the plastic bag it came wrapped in. Pedalman has
> one of these listed for $350+. My partner is asking $250 OBO and wants a
> quick painless sale so the OBO could work well here if you don't mess
> around.
> I've uploaded  picture of the model at:
> Http://legion.retrosynth.com/tceq.jpg
> I'll be running the sale so I can accept Paypal from verified users and
> will pack it well and ship UPS insured for free in the US.
> Any sale must be confirmed via phone so email me your phone # and I'll
> call you on my dime to speed things up.
> Finally, I know this is an expensive price so please hold the sarcasm.
> It easily sells for this in the current market and if he didn't need
> that money he wouldn't be selling it in the first place. If you've ever
> wanted one of these rare boxes you will not find one better even from a
> Vintage Dealer for more money.