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Re: Steve Reich (music for 18...)

I prefer the second version.. simply because of the quality of the
recording.. The new version is longer (about 11 minutes I think)... One of
my favourite discs even if my father and my friends hate it... :)

I simply love it!!! :)
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Subject: OT: Steve Reich (music for 18...)

> Hello, I have this question: I have seen on the
> Internet 2 versions of "Music for 18 musicians" by
> Steve Reich, one is from the 70´s with "the modern
> ensemble" and the other is for the record label
> "Nonesuch" and acoording to them this one was recorded
> in ´97, wich version is better if in fact they are
> different versions?, I would like to hear any comments
> on this ´cause I´m planning to buy that record.
> Thanks.
> Alx.
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