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Re: wall wart grief

Yeah, "build a box"--don't I know, I've spent years doing so.  To eliminate
a dozen warts of different types will cost you near a hundred bucks and 
grief than you are planning on; I priced the parts, which is only the
beginning.  Today I ordered 9 and 12 VDC power blocks from Mouser
Electronics (okay, also near a hundred bucks) which will handle 3-5 amps
each (thanks to Will and Bret for advice) and will post when my gear lives
or not!  These puppies are only about 1 X 2 X 4 inches each, and I'm
hopeful.  Just need to wire a string of appropriate output jacks (watch the
polarities for each!).


on 3/29/01 8:45 PM, Garry Wasyliw at was@dlcwest.com wrote:

>> A bit (!) off-topic, but I'm so sick of dealing with 10 wall warts and 
>> strips.  My warts provide 9 VDC, 9 VAC, 12 VDC, and 12 VAC.
> I'm thinking that the solution might be to build a box with the various
> combinations inside and connect from jacks to my gear with DIY cords.  I
> can build electronic things but I think I need a little primer on power
> supply design if anyone can recommend a basic web site.  I think a 9VAC
> would just be a 120-9v transformer?  For 9VDC, it would be about a
> 120-12VAC transformer to a rectifier and some capacitors?  To reverse the
> polarity (another combination to watch for) do you just reverse the two
> output wires?