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Re: wall wart grief

    Just a note that several guitar-oriented manufacturers make power 
boxes that can replace 9v wall-warts. I got one used on eBay for like 
$20. Grounding issues, though - all the jacks are just connected in 
parallel. A beefier box that has transformer secondary isolated 
outputs can be had from Voodoo, I think, but for more like $200. I 
seem to recall there's a pretty cheap DIY 9v project with isolation 
on a guitar effects website somewhere. Okay, fine, I found it:


    Note that of course this will supply only 9v DC, but it might be a 
good starting point for a custom box. And if you don't go with 
isolated outputs, you should try to deal with the grounding - even if 
you just then wire up your effects with cables with floating shields 
on one end. Avoid ground loops! :)

                                                    - Mike