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Re: droning questions

At 12:21 PM -0600 3/29/01, lindsay@pavestone.com wrote:
>The most recent issue of Guitar Player has a review/infoblurb on someone's
>recreation of the Coral Eclectric Sitar.  Bob something.  He used to do
>Danalectro reissues, before Danalectro came back.  Forget his name.
>Anyway, I don't think the thing was that expensive.

The Jerry Jones Master Sitar 

List price is $795.00, plus $120 for a case. The Baby Sitar is 
$595.00, plus $55 for a gig bag.

At NAMM they were showing a new model that had regular tuning pegs 
for the sympathetic strings.

Jerry's instrument is a dead ringer for the original Coral Electric 
Sitar, but it is reported to have better intonation.  I like mine 
fine (it's on one cut of the Aias Zone CD), though the balance is 

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