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RE: [ElectronicMusic] mp3.com

  Mine have usually taken only 2 or 3 days, but I haven't uploaded one in a
few weeks...  I'm definitely not a subscriber...  I don't think there is a
rhyme or reason to it.  Possibly the genre?  I have typically listed mine 
pop/rock (might be considered more popular or important than those listed 
"ambient" or some other non-top-40 genre?).  Possibly also if it is
something easily-identifiable to the approval folks like a pop song as
opposed to something ambient, which to the average ear might "all sound the
same," but not to us.  ;)  (I really hope that didn't come across wrong!!)
=)  Just a thought though, I'm definitely speculating.  Might be an
interesting experiment, to upload two songs in different genres (like
pop/rock vs. ambient) and see how long each takes.



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Just a follow up .... My song uploaded the first of March, was posted
yesterday.How long has it taken the rest of you? I'm wondering if there is
an average wait time for those who chose not to subscribe.

Will Green

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