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pete's ears (was: OT steve howe)

Title: pete's ears (was: OT steve howe)
hmmm...sorry...just spouting off on a subject i really don't care that much about...why?  cuz i can, i guess.  isn't email wonderful?

I read a couple of articles about Mr. Pete prior to their last tour.  Apparently, he has acute tinnitus (sp?), which causes him to be in alot of pain if exposed to above normal sound levels.

Then the tour gets announced, with outlandish ticket and paraphenalia prices.  do we all need to hear Roger and Pete and Co. do the 'best of' thing once again?   rumor had it that the last couple of tours were motivated by Entwistle's debt.

i'll step off here...i love the early who (especially the mod/high numbers shit), but personally i can't stomach them past the departure of moon.

no offense intended.  on the beethoven thing...hmmm...sure...bah humbug.  :)
wonder if deaf ol' ludwig was counting the cash in his head from the t-shirt and book sales happening out in the lobby.

two pennies,


on 3/30/01 11:36 AM, rich at rich@nuvisionsca.com wrote:
instead, i just saw press about how horrible his hearing is, yet that's didn't stop them from reuniting once more to grab a little more of the green.  bah humbug...

Huh?  Explain this one to us.  Beethoven couldn't hear the last performance of the ninth symphony except in his head.  Does that win a "bah humbug" too?