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RE: OT steve howe etc

Title: RE: OT steve howe etc
Listen to 'Baba O'Riley', and dig how he used the synthesizer.  It was a
relatively new piece of gear.  If anyone had thought of using it that way
before, well, had they recorded it yet? 
** wasn't moon the guy who did the synth for that?

it seems to me that some of the 60's and 70's rock bands didn't have access to expensive equipment until they hit the studio under the financing of the record label.  there they were introduced to new equipment only affordable to the large studios, and they were able to play and experiment with stuff they had never dreamed of having.  once they were putting on large tours, then some of that expensive gear now became part of the band and got hauled along.  am i way off base here?

looping at that time was tape looping, and pretty much only affordable to a large studio as well (15ips is alot of tape to move!).  seems there was a certain amount of that going on, but alot of these bands were more interested in doing a hit song than experimenting with a medium.

more pennies...gotta go.