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Re: droning questions

Title: Re: droning questions
Someone pointed out to me via direct email (thank you Mr. Hoover! :-) that a
Sustainiac Stealth or Stealth Plus could make several strings drone.  Indeed
he is right.  I have the Sustainiac Model B attached to the neck of my 12
string Stick and sometimes I will hold a chord in the bass with one hand and
play single notes on the melody until I get things vibrating all over.  It
is very cool with the EDP on a 10 second overdub and feedback set to 50%.
(Jane calls it my "whale music".)

While I do like this effect it would still be neat if there was a
"sympathetic string vibration symulator."  My guess is it would require
really good pitch detection and then resonate selected harmonics of the
fundamental and them pump those into a long subtle reverb.  Hmmm, actually
the GT-3 might be able to do this but would be limited to just two harmonics
- gotta give this a try.

Thanks, Lance, for the short delay sugestion - will try that also.