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Re: OT was steve howe ; Now Grab a bit of the Green

>why is it they shouldn't still be playing or for that matter still
>making money?

are they moving forward?  are they creating something that is 
stimulating in the here and now?  or is it regurgitating material 
from a different time and space that we have attached positive 
feelings to, and we feel some need to go back to that headspace?  (go 
see 'almost famous'...it's kinda like that)

I don't have any problem with option 1...option 2 becomes 
questionable...especially at the current ticket prices.  but, 
hey...look at the lemmings go!  sold out!  woo hoo!

>is it an age thing?  are we suddenly supposed to stop being musicians at
>some point?
>are the people that want to hear them somehow not deserving of the
>oportunity as much as people who want to hear bands you like or think
>are age appropriate?

no, it's definitely not an age thing.  If Eno was performing locally, 
i'd pay a good amount of money to see him.  Or Klaus Schultz, or alot 
of other people who aren't playing a greatest hits set.

>I hope I die before I get old!
>but if I don't....I hope I can still play and even make a little money

go for it.  all the best.