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Re: droning questions

Any delay line capable of producing a delay shorter than - say 100th of a
second will do this. Flangers with their lfo's disabled work fine. I used 
get a pretty convincing bagpipe drone with an Ebow and an electric mistress
flanger with the lfo knocked off some time ago. Tuning can be tricky with 
analogue device like
that but my Boss SE50 worked a treat. The effect is exaggerated using
feedback. The Alseis Quadraverb had an effect called resonance, (or
something) which could be made to sequence resonant frequencies triggered 
midi events - great fun : )


> Is there any eletronic FX box that can produce a sympathetic resonance
> similar to the sitar?  I would imagine that you could program Kyma to do
> this but how about a more affordable unit?
> -Allan
> ----------
> >From: Stephen <dakshah@yahoo.com>
> > ...
> > The sitar has 3 or 4 main playing strings, 2 or 3
> > chikari or rhythm strings, and then 15 or so
> > sympathetic strings underneath the main playing
> > strings.  The main purpose of the sympathetic strings
> > is to resonate (sympathetically :-) with the notes
> > being played on the main strings, thereby providing
> > that 'shimmering' sound, and a very quiet slight echo.
> >