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Traveling Tips Need ...

hello fellow loopers. i am trying to find the best cheapest and most
reliably safe way to get me and my equipment from here, austin texas, to
there, new york, and back for some shows in may of this year. grey hound
looks to be the best at 300 round trip. the luggage will consist of one
large duffle equipment bag at 70 lbs one amp (johnson mill stereo 150) at 
lbs one clothes duffle bag say er .. 30 lbs or so and my two carry on
kinscherff acoustic guitars in their reunion blues gig bags. both the amp,
equipment duffle and guitars are very fragile. any input with traveling 
is mucho appreciated.

also i have a few shows booked and am still looking for other ny venues 
would house my looping performance appropriately. here is a snippet of my
looping bio to give you an idea of the show itself. its sounds are
reminiscent of peter gabrial, king crimson and bobby mcfarren.

"Jimmy George's current 'Looping Extravaganza Show' combines his acoustic
guitar and vocal virtuosity with a state of the art electronics invention
allowing him to 'real time sample' his guitar and voice into a
foot-controlled recorder. He then layers numerous other guitar and vocal
parts into his initial Loop thus creating beautiful, and at times one of a
kind, compositions live before your very eyes and ears! Nothing is
prerecorded. As you listen know that you are hearing the show as one person
was playing it. You really have to see it to believe it!"

thanks to all. and thanks for your commitment and continuous antics in the
world of loopers delight!

special thanx to kim!

jimmy george