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A guitarloop work.

Hi! I'm always been actracted by looping sounds since the first time that i heard it. - Frippertronics (in 1979)
I'm 40 and I play guitar. After having spent a whole year to find a jam-man i did found it. (and also a Vortex !)
I live in Italy (Florence) and for italian people looping music is not very popular. :-(
I've made a CD using a setup composed by  Jam-man, Vortex, ElectroHamonics microsintesizer.
Me and other 2 guitarist are going to do a looping live perfomance here in Florence with 3 Jam-man all conncected together with natural sounds noises, etc etc.
Are you interested to listen the CD and support  the live perfomance?...not with money! :-)
If you want i can send a copy.
Bye and long live looping-music and loopingdelight!