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OT: various gtrs/mixer/fx for sale

in case yer interested:
here's a short list of some of my stuff that's currently for sale.

1965 Kapa (Hofner, but mfd. in usa) Continental, bluegreen, veryverygood 
cond., 2 incredible pickups, funky old-school vibrato bridge, original 
is cosmetically worn & marked w/sharpie: $700.

1995 Ibanez Talman, greenblue, good cond. (probly needs a l'il work on the 
neck), 2 humcancelling p90 pickups, vibrato bridge, $200.

1993 Fender mini-Stratocaster, near mint cond., (s'posedly, only 75 of 
non-toy mini-strats were imported into the usa from japan), 3 pickups 
switch, vibrato bridge, lake placid blue, custom case, probly needs a l'il 
work on the neck as it's live its mini-life w/a 'nashville'-stringing: 

1997 Crews Maniac Sound 3/4-sized weirdo electric guitar w/built in amp & 
ratty speaker, clean & dist. positions, silver sparkle (looks a bit like a 
smallerised ErnieBall guitar, w/a 4/2 headstock), one lipstick tube 
modified to allow the output to function as a send/return (so ye can use 
fx & the internal amp), no case: $425.

digitech dhp 55, 1-rack space wacky multi-fx w/polyphonic smart 
'harmonisation', dist/overdrive, comp., reverb, delays, etc. (pretty cool 
thingy): $450.

waldorf mini-works 4-pole filter, desktop unit (mono in/stereo out), fully 
midified, purty fat-sounding analog filter: $325.

ashly audio mx508, 3-rack space 8-channel stereo mixer w/nice mic pre's, 
various outputs (incl. front panel headphone), factory modified to include 
pre-fader aux sends, seen a bit o'travel, http://ashly.com/mixers.htm: 

buyer pays shipping.

splatter-sale / dt