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Re: MMM Splatter cell?

Olivier Malhomme asked: "It may hve been covered already... but any advice 
on this ?"

You mean, like, is it any good? Short answer: Yes! Pretty mad stuff, very 
danceable, especially for the mutants among us (bwahahaha...)

Another loop-related recommendation: "Heaven & Earth" by ProjeKct X. The 
extra "K" probably gives it away - this is King Crimson's "mangled 
outtakes" album from the "ConstruKction of Light" sessions. Warning: 
highly speaker-unfriendly. 

NP: station "Placekeeper Vol. 3" on mp3.com - 
http://stations.mp3s.com/stations/173/placekeeper_vol3.html - "Prepared 
Guitar" by noiseOmatic1000 - ohmygawd...
Brian Thomson, Dublin IE

(ceci n'est pas un .sig)

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