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Re: Leslie cabinet ... HELL FRIPPIN' YEAH!!!

>I'll be using this live from now on - yet another box to carry !

Welcome to the wonderful world of Hammond/Leslie addiction. There are 
groups to be found ... nowhere!! haha ...

>Is anyone else using leslies ? I have access to another so I'll be hooking
>that one up soon : )

I own more Leslies than the Chovits own EDPs. I gig with a pair of 122s 
and a
Hammond C-3, and can't ever go back. Korg Z1+RDS7.6(with delay time tweak 
that david torn sound)+organ+leslie=incredible sensual experience

The bad ass leslie, the centrepiece of my collection, is a 31h. Made in 
1948, it
features an electromagnetic (!) woofer, and a 6L6 quartet in the class A 
circuit. It's also the only leslie that can reproduce the extreme low
frequencies of the Hammond pedalboard, which can give LTJ Bukem a run for 

Leslies are one of the coolest but _never_ used tools for the creation of
ambient music ... second only to the Hammond (or Pauline Oliveros' 

I am lacking any ambient stuff with leslie on my site ... i'll let you 
guys know
if that changes.

Eric Williamson