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Re: Leslie cabinet ... HELL FRIPPIN' YEAH!!!

I was wondering, presumably the two Leslies are drifting in and out of 
with each other even assuming they are  wired together. Does this
asynchronicity make you feel queasy or is it cool ?


> I own more Leslies than the Chovits own EDPs. I gig with a pair of 122s
and a
> Hammond C-3, and can't ever go back. Korg Z1+RDS7.6(with delay time tweak
> that david torn sound)+organ+leslie=incredible sensual experience
> The bad ass leslie, the centrepiece of my collection, is a 31h. Made in
1948, it
> features an electromagnetic (!) woofer, and a 6L6 quartet in the class A
> circuit. It's also the only leslie that can reproduce the extreme low
> frequencies of the Hammond pedalboard, which can give LTJ Bukem a run for
> money.
> Leslies are one of the coolest but _never_ used tools for the creation of
> ambient music ... second only to the Hammond (or Pauline Oliveros'
> haha).
> I am lacking any ambient stuff with leslie on my site ... i'll let you
guys know
> if that changes.
> Eric Williamson
> www.suitandtieguy.com