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re: Leslie's and ersatz Leslie's

Nothing beats the real thing.    That being said and done,  my brother, 
Walker is a world class electric, acoustic and synthesizer guitar player 
he has informed me that the Line 6 Guitar POD has a very cool leslie
simulation, replete with the effect of the leslie speeding up or slowing
down when changing speeds of the rotation.   Also,   apparently,  you can
program the speed of the leslie by using tap tempo which is cool. He played
it for me in rehearsal last night and it sound remarkably convincing (and I
have played in several bands with B3 players with fully tricked out and hot
rodded leslie cabinets.......wow, that's how old I am ;-).

It's a thought if you dont' have the dough or the space for the real deal.

yours,   Rick Walker (loop.pool)