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Hey Folks~
I am currently taking submissions for Loopers Radio on live365.com. Please 
feel free to email me any links you may have for your tunes. Also include 
with the link a list of your top 3 picks so I have a place to start.

Also~ The sampling rate must be 32kbps, so after I download your songs, I 
will have to convert them down to this sampling rate in order to upload 
to live365.com.

My question, What is the best way to do this?
Richard mentioned :
>I'm a little wary of converting mp3 files from one compression level to 
>another. I've heard this might give poorer results than doing a new 
>conversion from AIFF to the 32 kpbs required by Live365. If you know 
>different, fine.

I do not know different, hence I put the question to the list.
I dont really work with AIFF files, just wav & mp3.

I'll be downloading your songs in mp3 format, so that's of course going to 
be the starting format. From there, do I convert the file into a AIFF? or 
WAV? then into a 32kbps mp3???? >?

Any sugestions are greatly apreciated! (Of course, I'd prefer not to 
too many times!!)

One last thing, anyone else out there with a high speed connection that 
help out uploading, please let me know!!!! That will help get the station 
going before the CT Collective has its third birthday!
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