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Re: Boomerang, what do you guys think ???? EDP ?

>I cannot seem to find any info on the web as to where I can find an EDP.
>What stores carry them, does gibson still own them?

Although there are plenty of intimately EDP-related merchants, developers,
designers and afficianados on this group that will probably chime in on
this one, explaining that Gibson owns Trace Elliot which owns Oberheim
which makes the EDP under license from Blah, regulated by Blah, tested by
Blah, shipped through Blah....  I did want to say that Alto Music
(www.altomusic.com) is a great resource for your gear.  I've dealt with
them only once (on recommendation from this list) and I was glad I did.
Fast, friendly (on the phone AND via email) and I got a great price (and I
used to work at Guitar Center, so I get the
friend-in-the-biz-c'mon-hook-a-brother-up discount).

BTW: about this soundcard issue.  Alto (wink, wink) also carries RME
Hammerfall products.  Best card available, though it is digital I/O only.
But that's fine: you don't want your converters in the computer anyway.
Pair that with a good ADAT-capable converter (there are plenty) or a
digital board (like my 01V) and you're set.  Not the cheapest, by far, but
pro sound, pro performance and room to grow galore.

I'm so confidant in my opinion that I'll call this my $0.16.