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Re: PMC10 programming

i don't know about the pmc10,
but you need two control signals to emulate the fs300.
switch a connects the tip to the sleeve,
switch b connects the ring to the sleeve,
and switch c connects both tip and ring to the sleeve
(it uses diodes to keep signals from going from tip to ring and from ring 
to tip)
if the pmc10 has two ext switch jacks, maybe you could connect one
to the tip and one to the ring, etc...

From: "Steve Ginn" <sginn@airmail.net>
> I apologize for being off topic, except that I don't know of another list
> where there is such a concentration of PMC10 users.  If it would please
> those on the list, reply to me off list if possible.
> I am trying to further program my PMC10 to do things other than just 
> patches and I am trying to understand the manual.  Specifically, I would
> like to control my MPX1 effects processor with it so that I don't have to
> keep an additional FS300 on the side for Tap, A/B and Bypass.  What I 
> done is connect a TRS cable from the EXT Switch jack to the Footswitch 
> on the MPX1 (in place of the FS300).  Then I have tried combinations of
> toggle, momentary, etc. to get the MPX1 to respond to the same signals it
> was getting from the FS300.  I seemed to have gotten the Tap Tempo signal
> working which originally mapped to Switch A on the FS300, but I still 
> get Switch B (A/B) and Switch C (Bypass) duplicated on the PMC10.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Steve