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OT: PMC10 programming

I apologize for being off topic, except that I don't know of another list
where there is such a concentration of PMC10 users.  If it would please
those on the list, reply to me off list if possible.

I am trying to further program my PMC10 to do things other than just change
patches and I am trying to understand the manual.  Specifically, I would
like to control my MPX1 effects processor with it so that I don't have to
keep an additional FS300 on the side for Tap, A/B and Bypass.  What I have
done is connect a TRS cable from the EXT Switch jack to the Footswitch Jack
on the MPX1 (in place of the FS300).  Then I have tried combinations of
toggle, momentary, etc. to get the MPX1 to respond to the same signals it
was getting from the FS300.  I seemed to have gotten the Tap Tempo signal
working which originally mapped to Switch A on the FS300, but I still can't
get Switch B (A/B) and Switch C (Bypass) duplicated on the PMC10.

Any suggestions?